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World`s First Kids Educational And Entertaining Shoes - Sticker Sneaker!

They look like very cute young kids sneakers but in fact they are much more. Along with the shoes, in each gift-like shoe box we include 52 detachable stickers with English alphabet letters…These matching Velcro stickers with letters made as high quality embroidery can be:

1. Used to personalize the shoes with the first letter of the child`s name. From both sides. Or first letters of the child`s first and last name from both sides.

2. Used to teach the kids Alphabet by changing the letters on the sneakers every day or as they are learned.

3. Used separately without the shoes just to play with them and learn letters, even trying to make some words of them!

4. There are additional entertainment stickers sold separately. Those feature different entertaining embroidery pictures of: dinosaurs, skulls, flowers, hearts, etc.

More than that: the shoes are lighted at each step, no charging needed! And kids love light-up shoes. And what small kids dislike are the laces. So, there are none – we provided Velcro straps to secure the sneakers.

We also created a very nice shoe box that does not really require a gift-wrapping…

All in all, your kid will love his new shoes slash toy slash study. Add to that the highest quality of materials and workmanship (double factory QC department checks and a close checkup by an independent quality management company hired by us) – and just proceed to checkout. Amazon delivers real fast.

We recommend to size up for better comfort.